WESTMINCOM pays his farewell visit to 1ID

Camp Sang-an, ZDS – The Tabak troopers gave an arrival honors to the Commander of the Western Mindanao Command of the Armed Forces of the Philippines during his farewell visit to the 1st Infantry Division on September 17,2022.

The WESTMINCOM Commander, Lt. Gen. Alfredo V. Rosario Jr., was received by the Division Commander, Brig. Gen. Antonio G. Nafarrete and Col. Antonio John Divinagracia, the Assistant Division Commander for Reservist and Retiree Affairs.

Lt. Gen. Rosario is grateful of his military career, which has spanned for more than 30 years of dedicated service and commitment to the ideals of the Philippine Army. He also talked about his service career and the encounters he experienced along the way.

In his remarks, Lt. Gen. Rosario, Jr. expressed his appreciation to the honors that was given and he also commend and encourage the Tabak troopers to carry on with good things that they have been doing. He believes that the insurgency problem especially in the Western Mindanao area is nearing its end. Our units just need to follow through and continue the pressure against the enemies through the conduct of triad operations.

Moreover, he shared his leadership principle and his personal motto that he have practiced throughout his military career, the 5Ps. The WestMinCom Commander explained that “taking action” entails regularly putting the 5Ps into practice not only in your professional undertakings but also in your personal life. The 5Ps is an abbreviation for “Plan, Prepare, Perform, Play, and Pray.”

“Yung five P’s na lagi nating ginagawa. We need to PLAN and PREPARE for every action/activity, before we execute, PERFORM. So yung pang-apat na P, ito yung PLAY, ito ang magaaddress sa morale ng tropa natin, yung sitwasyon ng kalungkutan ng pamilya natin, ng anak at ng misis natin, ng sarili natin. Hindi lng sa mga tropa, kundi pati na rin ang Battalion Commander natin, yung mga Senior Officers. We also need to PLAY, pwedeng literal na play, para maadress yung morale ng kasama natin.” Lt. Gen. Rosario said.

“Ito yung pinakaimportante, so while planning, while preparing, while performing or even while playing. We always PRAY.” Lt. Gen. Rosario added.

Meanwhile, Brig. Gen. Antonio G. Nafarrete, the Division Commander, expressed his gratitude to the honoree for his unwavering support to the 1st Infantry Division. The whole Division is also proud and happy to be part of the military career of the Commander, WestMinCom’s military career.

Lt. Gen. Rosario is a member of the Philippine Military Academy “Maringal” Class of 1988. He assumed as the WestMinCom Commander on September 23, 2021. His mandatory date of retirement is on October 5.

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