Tabak Divison welcomes 200 Army recruits

CAMP SANG-AN, ZDS—A new batch of recruits took their oath during the opening ceremony of the Candidate Soldiers Course Class 687-2021 Monday, November 15, at the Tabak Parade Ground.

The 200 privates, consisting of 24 females and 176 males, were enlisted in the Philippine Army after satisfying the qualifications for special enlistment.

The recruits will undergo 16 weeks of rigorous basic military training and seven weeks for the Infantry Orientation Course (INFOC) at the 1st Division Training Schol (1DTS). The course aims to develop the new Privates to be competent, confident, and capable soldiers guided by the Army core values and embrace the warrior ethos ready to serve the Army.

Col. Pompeyo Jason Almagro, the Division Chief of Staff, welcomed the new batch of soldiers and reassured them that they will be trained with professional and competent officers and enlisted personnel of the 1DTS.

Meanwhile, Brig. Gen. Jose Maria Cuerpo ll, the 103rd Infantry Brigade Commander and the event’s keynote speaker, encouraged the recruits to put their expertise and abilities to good use to help the organization complete its mission.

“You are now considered soldiers because you were selected and chosen by the Armed Forces of the Philippines,” said Brig. Gen. Cuerpo. “We will train you to be more effective, disciplined, and professional soldiers of the Philippine Army.”

The recruits were formally accepted through the traditional reception rites to test their physical strength and mental endurance.

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