Tabak troops reaffirm allegiance to the AFP Code of Conduct

CAMP SANG-AN, ZDS—The Armed Forces of the Philippines celebrates the 31st Anniversary of the AFP Code of Conduct on November 10, 2021.

The officers and men of the 1st Infantry Division, Philippine Army, reaffirmed their commitment to defend the aspirations of the AFP Code of Ethics and live in accordance with its principles.

Col. Jose Randolf M. Sino Cruz, the Acting Assistant Division Commander, and the concurrent Chief of the Office of the Ethical Standard and Public Accountability (OESPA) led the renewal of the pledge of allegiance to the AFP Code of Conduct.

Also, the message of the AFP Chief of Staff, Gen. Jose Faustino Jr., was read by the Division Commander, Maj. Gen. Gene M. Ponio.

General Faustino reminded the soldiers of their responsibility to uphold integrity and honor as they execute their mandated duty to serve the nation and protect the state. As professionals, soldiers are expected to be always loyal to the Constitution and its democratic institutions.

“I urge everyone to continue to contribute and cooperate in maintaining a transparent and accountable Armed Forces, one that will help us realize our vision of becoming a source of national pride,” said General Faustino.

The AFP Code of Conduct serves as the bible of AFP soldiers on how they should carry themselves. It has become a strong foundation for every AFP member to walk with the highest conduct of decorum and integrity.

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