1ID conducts 8th Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Leaders Symposium

CAMP SANG-AN, ZDS – The 2-day 8th Senior Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) Leaders Symposium culminated yesterday, November 5, at the Division EP Clubhouse.

Thirty-eight NCOs composed of sergeants major and first sergeants of the brigades, battalions, and post units, and chief clerks of the different staff offices at the Division headquarters attended the annual event.

Senior Master Sgt. Melchor P. Bitara, the Division Sergeant Major, thanked the command for supporting the NCO Corps and allowing them to meet despite the pandemic.

Col. Jonathan P. Obena, Commandant, 1DTS, who was the keynote speaker during the opening ceremony, complimented the NCOs for their dedication and professionalism that served as an inspiration for the NCOs, which substantially impacted the well-being of individual soldiers and the success of their mission. 

The activity serves as a venue for senior NCOs to keep abreast of the Army’s policies and directives, the higher headquarters’ plans and programs, and share leadership practices to strengthen the NCO Corps.

Meanwhile, in his message during the closing ceremony, Col. Billy O. Dela Rosa, the Division Inspector General, encouraged the senior enlisted personnel to continue to lead by example to their subordinates.

“Serve as a role model. Whatever the situation, control yourself, your emotion because your subordinates look up to you,” stressed Col. Dela Rosa.

He added that senior NCOs must be knowledgeable in their field and demonstrate high moral and ethical behavior standards being the backbone of the organization. Officers may come and go, but it will be the NCOs who will be left behind to lead the Command towards accomplishing its assigned mission.

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