1ID hosts 1-day Cascading of International Humanitarian Law

CAMP SANG-AN, ZDS – Human rights advocates from post and subordinate units attend the 1-Day Cascading of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) at the Tabak headquarters here Friday, August 27.

The activity was conducted in line with the celebration of the IHL Month bearing the theme, “Upholding the Law of Armed Conflict Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic: Protecting Humanity for Healing and Recovery.”

Considering the safety of the participants, 34 Human Rights Officers from the infantry battalions and brigades virtually participated, while 22 First Sergeants and senior non-commissioned officers from the post units attended the activity on-site.

The Chief, Division Judge Advocate Capt. Rhoebe Christie Paez discussed the International Humanitarian Law and the filing of cases related to Republic Act 9851, the Act defining and penalizing crimes against international humanitarian law, genocide and other crimes against humanity, organizing jurisdiction, designating special courts, and for related purposes.

Capt. Glenn Emboltorio, the administrative officer of OG7, 1ID, also discussed Administrative Order No. 35, creating the inter-agency committee on extra-legal killings, enforced disappearances, torture, and other grave violations of the right to life, liberty, and security of persons.

Meanwhile, Brig.Gen. Bagnus P. Gaerlan Jr., the Assistant Division Commander, reminded the participants of the importance of studying the IHL, especially that they are mostly engaged with different threat groups in the country, like the communist NPA terrorists, the Abu Sayyaf Group, ISIS-connected group, and other criminal groups.

Gaerlan also reiterated that soldiers must be disciplined, humane, godly, and patriotic in the performance of their duty.

“As constitutional soldiers, we respect and follow by heart the constitutional rights of every citizen,” he added.

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