1ID recognizes 8 newly promoted officers, 4 commissioned reservist officers

CAMP SANG-AN, ZDS – Commander 1ID, Maj. Gen. Gene Ponio, dons the rank of eight newly promoted officers to the rank of Major during the Monday flag-raising ceremony on August 9 at the Division grandstand.

The newly-promoted officers are Maj. Salvador Seville Jr., Maj. Jessielito Alatraca, Maj. Danilo B. Mutoc, Maj. Gilbert Osores, Maj. Mark Anthony Calamba, Maj. Joseph Patrick Jaque, Maj. Michael Morales, and Maj. Glenn Molina.

Maj. Seville, on behalf of the promotees, thanked the Tabak Division for recognizing one of the most significant events of their military profession. He acknowledged that being promoted and donned with a new rank entails greater responsibility.

Meanwhile, four reservist officers who were commissioned to the Reserve Force were warmly welcome by the Tabak family. The newly commissioned officers are Lt. Col. Lucela Balbuena, Capt. Carinan Climaco, 2nd Lt. Crisanto Francisco, and 2nd Lt. Vicente Cagada.

The Mayor of Tungawan, Zamboanga Sibugay, Capt. Climaco, was one of the newly commissioned reservist officers. In his message, he expressed his gratitude to the 1st Infantry Division for its peace efforts in the municipality of Tungawan.

“Hindi po namin magagawa ng LGU alone kung ano man ang nararapat to bring the services to our people. We need a rather bigger organization, and that is the Army. Sila po ang tumulong kung bakit medyo hindi na gaanong magulo ang Tungawan ngayon,” said Capt. Climaco.

Capt. Climaco also shared that becoming an officer of the Armed Forces of the Philippines is one of his dreams, and he showed his appreciation, especially to Maj. Gen. Ponio, for making it happen.

Maj. Gen. Ponio, in his message, congratulated all the newly promoted officers and welcomed the newly commissioned reservist officers. He recognized the significant role of the reservists in the country’s peace and development efforts. He further mentioned that the state should see the need to train its citizens to become reservists.

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