ASG courier yields to Army’s 64IB in Basilan

CAMP SANG-AN, ZDS – An ASG courier is now one of the beneficiaries of the government’s programs for rebel returnees after laying down his arms and submitting himself to the military on Wednesday, August 4.

A certain Samatan Aknalun Imban @Samatan, 41, from Brgy. Upper Benembengan, Sumisip, Basilan voluntarily surrenders to the 64th Infantry Battalion (64IB) and handed over one M1 Garand.

According to Lt. Col. Renante D. Besa, CO, 64IB, the surrender of @Samatan is a result of the efforts of the 16th Military Intelligence Company (16MICO) of the 1st Military Intelligence Battalion (MIB) and the 64th Infantry Battalion.

“The 64IB will continue its peace campaign projects with the local government unit to convince the remnants and supporters of the Abu Sayaff Group (ASG) to return to the fold of the law,” said Besa.

Besa also added that 64IB would assist @Samatan in reintegrating into mainstream society and availing the government programs intended for rebel returnees.

Maj. Gen. Gene M. Ponio, the 1ID commander, lauded the efforts of 16MICO and 64IB in the surrender of @Samatan. He also urged the remaining Abu Sayaff members to surrender and become productive citizens of the society.

“Take advantage of the government’s integration programs. It will provide you with an opportunity to return to your families and communities, and together we shall peacefully solve our problems,” he added.

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