64IB Basic Computer Literacy Students Team Building in Basilan Province

TUMAHUBONG, Sumisip Basilan – An awesome experience was catered to the 3rd batch students of Basic Computer Literacy Program at Tinuse Island, Brgy Buli-buli, Sumisip, Basilan Province, on February 28 – March 1, 2021.

The 64th Infantry (Knights) Battalion in partnership with the Local Government Unit of Sumisip, Basilan Province thru Council of Sumisip Youth Leaders (CSYL) headed by Ms Yarah A. Musa, Chairwoman facilitated a 2-day Team Building Activity as part of the Basic Computer Literacy Program.

The activity starts with a “Kamustahan” to get to know more their classmates and the facilitators folllowed by “three lies and a truth” to gives introverts an equal chance to share some facts about themselves, “caterpillar race” the preserverance and hard work with the people who goes through the process are key elements to success, “the perfect square” to focus on strong communication and leadership skills, “the mine field” it focuses on trust and communication, “charades” to inspire creativity, “hole in many” to improve collaboration and communication skills, “river bank” honing effective listening and focus and various parlor games enjoyed not only by the students, facilitators from CSYL but facilitators from this battalion as well.

They had also conducted cleaning activity to show their love and concern in the cleanliness of the environment.

As a whole, It was a very productive activity that builds more of their cammaraderie, strengthen their interpersonal relationship, stronger friendship, trust and confidence among the students and as youths of Sumisip.

Source: 64th Infantry “Knights” Battalion https://www.facebook.com/knightsbattallion/posts/2952169631696996

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