Teenage Rebel killed by comrades exhumed in Lanao del Sur

Remains of the buried female teenager who was killed by her NPA Terrorist comrades was exhumed by Army’s 5th Infantry Battalion in Maguing, Lanao del Sur, Sunday February 20, 2021.

According to the revelation of a surrendered former rebel, the cadaver/remains belomgs to Hope Capangpangan also known as, Girly/Jervy, who was tortured, killed and buried by their group.

Hope was recruited sometime in 2017, when she was 16 years old.

She wanted to surrender to finish her studies but the NPA Terrorist group accused her a traitor or a government spy.

Lt. Col. Romulus Rabara, commanding officer of 5IB, said that his troops together with the surrendered rebel traversed the mountainous part in town of Maguing for almost 12 hours before reaching the burial site.

Brig. Gen. Jose Maria Cuerpo, 103rd Infantry Brigade Commander, who has operational jurisdiction of Lanao del Sur, stressed that the troops will continue to pursue the terrorist group so that justice will be achieved by the greiving families.

He also directed the troops to handover the remains to the authorities in-charge of DNA testing.

Meanwhile, Maj Gen Gene Ponio, Commander 1ID, expressed his condolences to the friends, families and relatives of the killed teenager.

“It is tragic that rebels who wanted to surrender to live a normal life killed by their own comrades”, said Maj. Gen. Ponio.

“The incident shows the NPAs brutality and insincerity, a clear violation of human rights, killing their own members who were tired of their lies and deceit”, added Maj Gen Ponio.

“We will encourage and support the bereaved families to file case against these group who were not just terrorist but were also serial killers”, Maj Gen Ponio ended.

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