CAMP SANG-AN – A member of the communist NPA terrorist was killed after an encounter with Army’s 5th Infantry Battalion in hinterland barangay of Maguing, Lanao del Sur around 4:30 in the afternoon, Saturday, February 20, 2021.

Lt. Col. Romulus B Rabara, the Commanding Officer of 5IB confirmed one cadaver was left behind by the fleeing NPA terrorist after the fierce engagement with the troops. “Our troops also recovered two M16 rifles, two M79 grenade launchers, one KG9 sub-machine gun, a hand grenade, Bandoleers, Magazines with ammunitions, combat packs with personal belongings”, Lt. Col. Rabara added.

No casualty was recorded on the government side after the firefight.

Brig. Gen. Jose Maria Cuerpo, 103rd Infantry Brigade Commander who has operational jurisdiction of Lanao del Sur, stressed the importance of accurate and timely report of the civilians regarding the terrorist presence.

“Our troops can immediately respond and quell any threats in the province if they(civilian populace) continuously report and collaborate with us”, said Brig. Gen. Cuerpo.

Meanwhile, Maj. Gen. Gene M Ponio, the 1st Infantry Division Commander, lauded the troops for the accomplishment and the civilians who reported the terrorist.

“This encounter is another significant blow to the CTGs that will definitely demoralize their ranks and we are hoping that they will abandon their senseless and irrelevant armed struggle,” Maj. Gen. Ponio said.

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