TABAK Division trains new recruit

CAMP SANG-AN, Pulacan, ZDS – New recruits of the 1st Infantry (TABAK) Division will be officially trained after their opening ceremony here today, February 15, 2021.

The new recruits were made up of 16 females and 139 males with a total of 155 candidate soldiers.

The trainees will undergo 16 weeks of rigorous basic military training in the 1st Division Training School that primarily transform them into competent, confident and capable soldiers guided by the Army core values.

Col. Jose Randolf Sino Cruz, Assistant Division Commander for Retirees and Reservist Affairs, 1ID, PA who represented Maj.Gen. Gene M Ponio as the keynote speaker of the activity, assured the new recruits that the trainers were professionals and mold them to be competent and proficient as well.

“You were called to serve, always bear in mind that this is a lifetime commitment. It is important to give your best and survive.” Col. Sino Cruz said.

“By the time that you have developed your combat skills, you must maintain the integrity and honesty to serve the country.” Col. Sino Cruz added.

As a tradition in the Army organization, the recruits were accepted thru reception rites which convey the start of the training process as a challenge and test for their physical and mental attributes.

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